RAPID Forward Programme 2020-21

A note from Paul Hickey, Managing Director for RAPID

As water resources come under increasing pressure from population growth, economic development and climate change, the urgency to act now has never been more present.

This year we face the challenge of adjusting to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. COVID-19 is having a substantial effect on people’s lives and this includes the workings of water companies and the sector more generally. Organisations are facing a huge challenge to push forward with their commitments under the price review, whilst supporting employees and ensuring that consumers’ interests, society and the environment are protected. It is for this reason that we have chosen to slightly delay the publication of our forward programme until now. We understand that we may have to adapt some of the activities we’ve set out in this plan as the year progresses; we’ll make sure we communicate any changes clearly as they happen

In this Forward Programme, RAPID sets out the key activities for the year 2020-21. These are aimed at encouraging the development of new schemes, removing regulatory barriers and collaborating with a range of stakeholders with a renewed focus to ensure the programme benefits Wales as well as England.  Our intent is to ensure the strategic planning takes a multi-sector, best value approach.

This is the first Forward Programme from RAPID.  In the interest of transparency, we plan to publish our key aims and activities on an annual basis followed by an Annual Report to evaluate our performance against what we have set out.

RAPID Forward Programme 2020-21