Gate one submissions

RAPID’s role in the gated process (working with the partner regulators and Natural Resources Wales) is to assess the progress made in development of each solution and to provide advice and recommendations to enable Ofwat to make decisions on continued funding for progression of the solutions.

The following decisions will be made at gate one:

  • whether solution and options within it should progress to gate two;
  • applying incentives and allowable costs;
  • whether alternative and/ or additional solutions should enter the process;
  • and what is required for gate two submissions.
Gate one submissions:
Solution name
Anglian Water – Affinity Water Transfer Affinity Water and Anglian Water 
Fenland Reservoir* Anglian Water and Cambridge Water (South Staffs Water)
Grand Union Canal Strategic Transfer Affinity Water, Severn Trent Water and Canal & River Trust (The Trust)
London Effluent Reuse  Thames Water 
Minworth Severn Trent and Affinity Water
Severn to Thames Transfer (STT)  United Utilities, Severn Trent and Thames Water 
Severn Trent Sources (STS)
Severn Trent
South East Strategic Reservoir Option (SESRO)  Affinity Water and Thames Water 
South Lincolnshire Reservoir  Affinity Water and Anglian Water 
Thames to Affinity Regional Transfer  Affinity Water and Thames Water 
Thames Water to Southern Water Transfer  Thames Water and Southern Water 
UU Sources United Utilities
Vyrnwy Aqueduct
United Utilities
West Country South Sources & Transfers (WCS) Southern Water, South West Water and Wessex Water
West Country Southern Water Transfer (WCT) Southern Water, South West Water and Wessex Water

* This is a new solution