Resilience: financial, corporate and operational

Resilience - in the sense that matters to customers - needs to be seen in the round.

This means having financial, corporate and operational resilience. It means having the right skills, the right leadership, and the right systems - as well as having the robust infrastructure in the right place. It means looking after what you already have, finding smart solutions to meet future needs, and being able to recover quickly when problems occur. 

Good resilience depends on water companies...

...playing their full role in delivering sustainable environment.



...understanding the resilience that their customers need, and can afford, both now and in the future.


...having a clear view of how resilient they are, based on common measures, and building on this to develop the levels of resilience they will need to address the challenges of the future.

Good resilience is smart.

And smart resilience means thinking in the round about solutions as well as problems. It means companies considering all the tools at their disposal and choosing the most appropriate and cost-effective solutions.  From the good housekeeping of reducing leakage and customer demand and maintaining existing assets, to the opportunities new markets bring, to the development of new infrastructure when and where it's needed.

We have a duty to further resilience in the sector. During 2017-18 we will be carrying out work to make sure that companies appropriately assess and incorporate resilience of water and wastewater services in their business.

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