Water resource planning

Effective water resource planning is essential to ensure the long-term balance between supply and demand is maintained. Every five years statutory water resources management plans (WRMPs) set out a company’s intended approach for at least the next 25 years.

Looking forward the sector faces a number of challenges:

  • Future supply and demand balance challenges – a number of areas face an emerging gap between available supply and projected demand.
  • Environmental challenges – especially water scarcity and environmental quality. Climate change and population growth are expected to increase these pressures in the future.
  • Maintaining and improving resilience of systems and services – recent experience has underlined the threat disruptive events such as drought and flood can pose to water company operations.
  • Customer bills and affordability – our final determinations for PR14 will result in water and wastewater bills being 5% lower on average in real terms in 2019-20, compared with 2014-15. However, the challenges summarised above are likely to lead to upward pressure on bills.

As well as challenges, there are also opportunities. These include optimising key activities and resources beyond traditional company boundaries – through water trading or third parties, for example. The opportunities are not only about doing things at lower cost, but also about making the best use of resources, improving resilience and finding new ways of doing things.

This section of the website contains information about water resources planning and what we and the sector are doing to maintain reliable supplies in a way that delivers best value to customers and the environment.