Ofwat's engagement on WRMP24

Ofwat is a statutory consultee for WRMP24 and is working with the Environment Agency and Natural Resources Wales to contribute to the Water Resources Planning Guidelines that companies follow in preparing their plans.

Companies will produce draft plans for public consultation in summer 2022 and Ofwat’s responses to these will be published on this webpage. Based on the responses received, water companies will revise their plans and submit them to the relevant Government for final approval. The final plans are due to be published from the summer of 2023 onwards.

Water companies are also working together and with other water users to develop regional water resource plans. These plans are working to similar timelines as the water companies are for WRMP24. As part of the development of the regional water resources plans, the regional groups are publishing method statements to explain how the plans will be developed. Ofwat’s views on the published regional group method statements are included here: