RPI/CPI workshop Monday 14 March


We are holding a workshop to focus on the technical details associated with the proposals on RPI/CPI in our Water 2020 consultation and the responses we received.  The workshop is on Monday  14 March in Birmingham.

Our Water 2020 consultation included a proposed true-up mechanism to ensure the transition to indexing price controls to CPI (or CPI(H)) is carried out in a way that is net present value (NPV) neutral. In response to the consultation, some respondents sought further detail on how the NPV neutral true-ups would be calculated and we received some suggestions on the way in which we could provide transparency to the NPV neutral commitment. The primary focus of the workshop will be on the technicalities of the true-up mechanism as discussed in our consultation. We also want to use this opportunity for Oxera to set out some of the main findings of the analysis they carried out.

There will be opportunity to discuss matters presented during the workshop and the opportunity to comment afterwards. The workshop is open to all interested parties, space permitting, but with a particular focus to those that responded to the RPI/CPI(H) issues set out in our consultation.

Please could you email send an email to [email protected] if you would like to attend.