Setting price controls for 2015-20 – business planning expectations

Customers of water and sewerage companies deserve excellent service at a fair price. Next year, we will set the price and service package (‘price controls’) that companies must deliver for each of the five years from 2015 to 2020.

To do this, each company needs to provide us with a business plan explaining how it intends to meet its obligations and provide services to customers. We are now consulting on the information we will want the companies to include in their plans and how we will assess them.

We intend to use a new risk-based approach to reviewing companies’ business plans for the next price review. It will strongly encourage companies to prepare high-quality plans that focus on what their customers want, while delivering sustainable services over the long term. It will also give companies greater ownership of, and accountability for, their plans.

Setting price controls for 2015-20 – business planning expectations: A consultation 
Business planning data tables – appointees Business planning data tables – retail Business planning data tables – August submission 
Business planning data tables – wholesale sewerage Business planning data tables – wholesale water 
Setting prices in 2014 – company business plans: A summary briefing note for stakeholders
Gosod prisiau yn 2014 – cynlluniau busnes cwmnïau: Nodyn briffio cryno ar gyfer rhanddeiliaid

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