Frequently Asked Questions

StreamLine is a regulatory advice service for innovators and businesses in England and Wales, run jointly by the Drinking Water Inspectorate, the Environment Agency and Ofwat to support innovation.

We are not able to provide information about chargeable activities. If you need information relating to environmental permits or planning, please use the links below:

Where do I find out about Environmental permits?

Permitting information can be found on GOV.UK:  Environmental management : Environmental permits – detailed information – GOV.UK (

How do I find out about the services, planning and regulations the Environment Agency are responsible for?

Services and information can be found here: Services and information – Environment Agency – GOV.UK (

How can I obtain planning advice on proposals?

The Environment Agency can give a free preliminary opinion to applicants who consult us on their proposals outside the statutory consultation process. This will include advice on what allowances to apply and the appropriate approach to incorporating the allowances into assessments.

There is a charge for more detailed pre-application planning advice and reviews of flood risk modelling.

Contact your lead local flood authority through your local council for advice on flood risk from local watercourses (surface or groundwater).

How do I obtain consent for using a process or product in connection with a drinking water supply?

Drinking Water Inspectorate provide advice on their Frequently Asked Question page – FAQ6

How can I apply to use a product for research purposes in water intended for drinking, washing, cooking etc?

Drinking Water Inspectorate provide advice on their Frequently Asked Question page – FAQ16

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