A vision for the sector

The water sector delivers the most fundamental public service. But it also faces some fundamental challenges such as climate change and greater demand from population growth. On top of that, it must prove it is doing the right things for customers and the environment.

To make sure it can respond to these challenges, the water sector is creating a new, ambitious vision for the future. It is doing this so it can have the most positive impact possible on society and the environment.

Following discussion with customers and stakeholders on what a vision should achieve, three themes have emerged:

  • First, the importance of the sector delivering everyday excellence. These are essential services and customers’ growing and changing demands should be met.
  • Second, long-term stewardship of the environment, assets and relationships with customers.
  • Third, the importance for the sector to add value – that means value for money to customers, but it also means companies delivering value for communities and the environment.