South West Water – To 2025 and beyond

A podcast interview with Christopher Loughlin, Chief Executive

South West Water were one of only three companies to have their business plan for 2020-25 fast tracked by Ofwat in its 2019 price review. They set a new standard for a sector.

Among the highlights, by 2025, the company will:

  • cut bills by 15% before inflation
  • reduce leakage by 15%
  • cut external sewer flooding by 38%
  • invest £11 million to improve resilience
  • reduce pollution incidents by 58%
  • invest £143 million to improve the environment.

Christopher Loughlin is South West Water’s Chief Executive. We asked Karma Loveday, Editor of The Water Report to interview Chris to find out how the company achieved fast track status. Karma also asked Chris for his views on the shared sector vision and Ofwat’s emerging strategy.


Find out more about South West Water’s business plan for 2020 to 2025 at

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