Choosing your supplier

If you are a developer, or a non-household customer who uses a large amount of water, you may be able to choose the supplier of your water or sewerage services.

This section tells you more about the available options for switching your supplier.

Why switch your supplier?

With a choice of suppliers, you may benefit from:

  • a wider choice of tariffs
  • better standards of service
  • tailored service offerings
  • advice on saving water
  • lower prices
  • you will still benefit from the same water quality.

What are the available options?

You can choose from two types of supplier.

Water supply licensees have a licence from us to supply large users with water. We make sure that licensees have the financial, technical and managerial resources they need to hold a licence, but your agreement with them is negotiated under commercial terms. Find out more about choosing a water supply licensee.

New appointees can supply developers or large users with water or sewerage services or both. They are appointed by us to serve a specific geographic area. You can ask any company to be your supplier, and it has to apply to us for an appointment to serve your site. If a company applies to us for an appointment we will make sure that they have the resources to provide water, sewerage or water and sewerage services. We also make sure that the end customers will be no worse off than they would have been under the local monopoly supplier. Find out more about choosing a new appointee.

New option available to more customers from April 2017

From April 2017, most non-household customers of suppliers based wholly or mainly in England will be able to choose both their water and wastewater retailer. They will not have to use a minimum amount of water. Customers will also be able to apply for a licence to supply themselves retail services. Find out more.