In this section you can find information for investors in water companies.

Ofwat's Public Value Principles

Our final set of public value principles and how they will be embedded further in Ofwat's work.

Regulated companies

In this section you can find information for and about the water companies we regulate.


We regulate a number of markets including the business retail market, NAV market and new connections market. Find out more here.

Water sector overview

Every day, over 50 million household and non-household consumers in England and Wales receive good quality water, sanitation and drainage services.

Regulating monopolies

This section of our website sets out the requirements that the companies we regulate should comply with.


We carry out a range of different investigations and enforcement activity, from large and complex investigations into alleged breaches of competition law to smaller issues...

Price reviews

Most water and sewerage services in England and Wales are not provided in competitive markets. Most people receive their water services from a licensed monopoly...

Resilience in the round

Resilience is the ability to cope with, and recover from, disruption and anticipate trends and variability in order to maintain services for people and protect...

Innovation in the water sector

Find out more about how Ofwat is encouraging innovation within the water sector.

Water efficiency fund

Find out more about our £100m water efficiency fund to stimulate a transformative, sustained, and measurable reduction in water demand across England and Wales

Open data in the water industry

Data is essential for developing insight, making informed decisions and improving services.


Research shows that there has been a big increase in support for water customers who are potentially in circumstances that make them vulnerable, yet the...

Customer engagement

We expect companies to listen to their customers to understand their preferences and priorities. Find out more about customer engagement.

Water sector – UKRN Performance scorecard

The water sector UKRN performance scorecard, developed by Ofwat and the Consumer Council for Water.


Regulators’ Alliance for Progressing Infrastructure Development