Regulating monopolies

This section of our website sets out how we regulate the monopoly companies and the requirements that they should comply with.

Customer and developer services experience

Our annual C-MeX and D-MeX mechanisms incentivise companies to deliver excellent levels of service to their customers.

Water Company Performance

Each year we check that customers of monopoly companies are getting the overall service and investment that was agreed.

Information quality

All monopoly water-only and water and wastewater companies in England and Wales publish information on their performance each year. We rate each company on the...

Annual performance report

All companies (including small water companies) will need to submit a, annual performance report for 2015-16 onwards to demonstrate compliance with their separate price controls.

Historic performance

We report on the performance of regulated water companies using the information they publish each year.


We regulate and oversee a number of different charges that companies set. These cover a range of policy areas

Charging Rules from April 2022

Documents laying out information related to Charging Rules effective from April 2022. 

Information and assurance

We expect companies be transparent and to provide information to their customers and stakeholders that enables them to understand how the company is performing.

Engaging with customers

Each company will: provide information to customers which empowers them to secure the lowest possible bills and best possible service

Board leadership

We have developed a set of principles that represent the minimum standards for board leadership, transparency and governance for companies operating in the water sector.

Competition law compliance

Every water company needs to assure themselves that they have taken the necessary steps to ensure compliance with UK and EU competition law.

Trading and procurement codes

A trading and procurement code sets out the principles and assessment criteria that water companies will follow when assessing proposed water trades with others.


A derogation is a direction from Ofwat which relieves a licensee or appointee from compliance with certain of its obligations to comply with the Wholesale...