Our plans

Forward programme

Our forward programme sets out our priorities and what we will deliver over the next year.

Our key aim is for the water sector to provide the very best service to customers, improve the environment and improve life through water both now and in the future and this is reflected in our forward programme for the financial year 2023-24 which outlines how we will continue to meet our three strategic goals:

  • To transform water companies’ performance
  • To drive water companies to meet long-term challenges through increased collaboration and partnerships
  • For water companies to provide greater social and environmental value

We will do this in many ways, including:

Monitoring company performance

We’ll further develop our approach to monitoring company performance, to generate deeper insight into where there are sector wide or company specific issues and better target regulatory action to address them.

Progressing PR24

We will maintain our close engagement with water companies as they prepare their business plans for submission in 2023.

Taking enforcement action

We will progress our enforcement investigation into companies’ operation of their wastewater treatment works ensuring that any non-compliance we identify is addressed by companies promptly and that they are held to account.

Business retail market

We will continue the drive to resolve market frictions and encourage companies to collaborate more with retailers and other third parties to deliver greater efficiency and improved services.

Helping to protect and improve the environment

Our focus is not just on immediate performance issues, but ensuring companies are resilient to future events, including the impacts of climate change.

We will continue to explore ways of delivering more and better value, where companies can go further and propose innovative, catchment orientated approaches and nature-based solutions that deliver better outcomes for customers and the environment.

Continue with the RAPID programme

We will sustain momentum on the development and delivery of strategic water resource solutions to enhance the underlying resilience of water supplies to protect customers and the environment into the future.

Improving affordability for customers

We are using tools inside and outside of PR24, directed at companies addressing affordability and delivering value for money for current and future customers.

Developing customer protection

We are developing a new licence condition for English and Welsh companies, aimed at establishing high standards of customer service and support for the full diversity of customer needs, including customers in vulnerable circumstances.

Following the consultation period on our draft forward programme for 2023-24, we received feedback from various stakeholders. A number of submissions on subjects such as our approach at PR24 have been shared directly with our policy teams for their consideration. We did not consider that they would impact our broad approach as set out in the Forward Programme.

Other areas raised, such as greater clarity around our approach to the NAV market, have resulted in an update to the Forward Programme.

Read the full forward programme 2023-24 here.