Discover Water dashboard

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Discover Water is an easy and interesting way for customers to find out more about their own water company and the water sector overall.

Set out like a dashboard, the Discover Water website brings already-available company data from a range of sources together in a friendly and interactive way.

It lets customers in England and Wales find what they want, when they want it and from one central place.

What you can find on Discover Water

Discover Water currently shows information at a sector-wide level on areas including:

  • public health
  • the environment
  • customer service levels

It also shows the financial and social aspects of the water sector.

Discover Water also enables customers to see how their company has performed in recent years. Customers are able to see how their supplier compares against other water companies in England and Wales.

Discover more

The information on Discover Water is structured into six main areas:

  • Water quality and sources
  • How water gets to the tap
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Bills and investment
  • Sewage transfer and treatment
  • Environmental performance

Customers can also dive further into each area to discover more about the facts behind the figures.

Delivering discovery

Discover Water is a collaboration across the water sector.

The project has been funded by water companies and delivered by an independent third party. The key decisions about its structure and its content have been made by a steering group with representatives from:

  • Water companies and Water UK
  • Consumer Council for Water
  • Defra
  • Drinking Water Inspectorate
  • Environment Agency
  • Natural Resources Wales
  • Welsh Government
  • Ofwat

The data is robust, reliable and can be trusted. And having open access to such information will enable water companies to engage with customers better - on planning for the future and more. This is why the dashboard is sometimes called the water sector’s shop window.

Michael Roberts, Chief Executive, Water UK said:

"This project is all about increasing the contact between customers and their water company. Discover Water should increase trust and confidence in the sector because it has been created with customer focused design and honest, unbiased, content. There is plenty of robust and reliable information about how companies perform and we hope it leads to more people getting involved in how their water and sewerage services are run."

The water sector and everyone behind the project is committed to the ongoing development of Discover Water. This will ensure it continues to adapt to the ever changing shape of the sector and gives customers the information they need when they need it.