Your water company

There are different types of regulated companies in the water and wastewater sector:

  • regional companies provide both water and sewerage services.
  • regional companies providing water services only.
  • local companies providing either water or sewerage services or both.
  • water supply licencees offering water and sewerage services to large use business customers who can access competition.
  • water supply and sewerage licensees that will offer water and sewerage services to eligible business customers from April 2017.
  • infrastructure providers delivering large infrastructure projects.

The majority of customers are served by monopoly suppliers for their water and sewerage services. Your bill should tell you which company supplies your water and sewerage services. WaterUK – the trade body for water companies – also has a postcode checker to find which water companies serves your area.

You may receive your water supply from one company and your sewerage services from another. This means that you may get two separate bills.

If you pay your water bill directly to a landlord and not your local water company, then you are a water resale customer. Find out more about water resale

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