Information from your company

What information should I expect from my company?

We expect your company to provide you and other customers with information that is:

  • accurate ‒ it should be correct
  • transparent ‒ it should not be misleading or biased, and should allow you to make an informed decision
  • clear ‒ it should cover the main points and tell you where to find more detailed information
  • accessible ‒ it should meet the needs and preferences of different groups of customers
  • timely ‒ it should be given to you at the right time, such as contacting you when you move house
  • customer-led ‒ it should be based on feedback from you and other customers

Your company should ask you and other customers for your feedback on what information to provide and how and when to provide it.

Where can I find out more about what my company does?

Your company should have a document and pages on its website that explains its overall approach for providing information to you and other customers. This is their ‘code of practice’. It might not be called a ‘code of practice’ but the company should make clear somewhere in the information provided that this is the code as required by the regulator.
If you cannot find your company’s code of practice, or would like a copy, you should contact your water company.

What if I’m unhappy with the information my company provides me?

It is important that you tell your company. Your company should be regularly reviewing what it does to make sure it meets the needs of you and other customers.

If you are dissatisfied with your company’s response you should contact the Consumer Council for Water (CCWater). It represents the interest of you and other customers and will raise any issues you have with your company.

CCWater also has the powers to investigate companies and report any concerns to us.

What does Ofwat do?

We can investigate your company and – if we find problems ‒ we can require it to make changes to the information it provides – and how and when it provides it.

If your company fails to change or improve its performance we can take other action against it.