Investigation into sewage treatment works

Ofwat and the Environment Agency launch a major investigation into sewage treatment works.


We carry out a range of different investigations and enforcement activity, from large and complex investigations into alleged breaches of competition law to smaller issues affecting individuals.

How we investigate

Resolving complaints, disputes and company failures is an important part of our work because it enables us to effectively target the most serious harm and...


A merger occurs when enterprises will cease, or have ceased, to be distinct because they come under common ownership or common control.

Open cases

Investigations and disputes we are currently looking at.

Closed cases

Ofwat has powers to determine disputes and appeals under certain sections of the Water Industry Act 1991.


Whistleblowing is when a worker raises concerns about improper practices in their workplace. Whistleblowing can inform those who need to know about health and safety...

Making a complaint

A limited number of types of complaints about regulated water companies are dealt with by us.