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The UKRN investor guide explains the regulatory frameworks in five key sectors – aviation, energy, telecoms, rail and water. It provides an overview of regulated infrastructure sectors in the UK, explains the legal aspects of the regulatory regimes and how they operate in practice, and highlights the drivers of investment needs in each of the five sectors.

The  March 2023 UKRN guidance for regulators on the methodology for setting the cost of capital sets down 9 recommendations on how signed-up regulators (including Ofwat) should set the allowed return on capital. Ofwat has committed to have due regard to these recommendations in its future price control decisions, which should make future decisions on the allowed return more consistent and predictable for affected stakeholders. The guidance will be subject to a periodic review by UKRN to ensure its recommendations remain up-to-date.

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Final determinations of business retail price controls (PR16)