Water sector – UKRN Performance scorecard

Following the proposal in the Modernising Consumer Markets Green Paper, published in April 2018, Ofgem, Ofcom, Ofwat, CCW and the Financial Conduct Authority, through the UK Regulators Network (UKRN), have developed performance scorecards that capture how well the largest suppliers are delivering in key areas such as service quality and satisfaction levels.

The 2021 water sector performance scorecard, developed by Ofwat and CCW, can be found as a publication on our website or on CCW’s website.

The 2020 water sector performance scorecard can be found as a publication on our website or on CCW’s website.

What’s in the scorecard?

The water sector scorecard provides information about:

  • Customer satisfaction and likelihood to recommend their water or sewerage supplier;
  • The volume of customer complaints; and
  • Customer perception of whether they receive value for money.

The data comes from the CCW’s Household complaints to water companies in England and Wales report and their Water Matters report.

You can find out more detailed information about the performance of water and sewerage companies on the Discover Water portal and the CCW company performance page.

About the UK Regulators Network

The UKRN brings together regulators from the UK’s utility, financial and transport sectors for the benefit of consumers and the economy. Ofwat is a member of the UKRN and works with other regulators to share knowledge, explore cross-cutting issues and build better ways of working.

UKRN performance scorecards

Performance scorecards for the energy, telecoms, and financial services sectors can be found here: