Customer engagement

An understanding of customers’ preferences is vital to ensure that price reviews deliver what really matters to customers. We have reviewed our approach to customer engagement to take account of learning from previous price reviews as well as the broader development of our PR24 framework.

Our proposals, outlined in the “Reflecting customers’ preferences” chapter of PR24 and beyond: Creating tomorrow, together, and related appendix, take into account the range of views and ideas in the responses to our December 2020 discussion paper, as well as further engagement with stakeholders related to our proposals, and contributions to the Future Ideas Lab.

Our proposals are aimed at making the process of collecting customers’ views more streamlined and meaningful. With that in mind, we are proposing:

  • To work with the sector to explore the design and implementation of a collaborative approach to customer research for the price review.
  • That the findings of the collaborative research informs common aspects of companies’ business plans and our determinations.
  • Not to require each company to have a customer challenge group at PR24. Instead, companies would put in place challenge and assurance solutions that meet their specific needs and ambitions.
  • To work with the sector to develop and agree minimum standards for high quality research, ongoing independent customer challenge and independent assurance.

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