Customer engagement

Customers are at the heart of our strategy. It is vital that water companies understand their customers’ needs and preferences and reflect these in their decisions. By doing this, companies can help deliver on our three strategic goals for the sector, namely to: transform their performance, meet the long term challenges ahead, and deliver more for customers through greater public value.

We have published PR24 and beyond: Reflecting customer preferences in future price reviews – a discussion paper which proposes a set of goals for reflecting customer preferences in future price reviews and outlines some initial ideas which might help us meet these goals. We welcome your comments on the questions highlighted in this discussion paper: please email these to [email protected].

PR24 a thu hwnt – Ystyried dewisiadau cwsmeriaid mewn adolygiadau prisiau yn y dyfodol – Crynodeb gweithredol

The closing date for responses is 29 January 2021. We will publish our response on our website during the first half of next year, as part of our broader consultation on our high level approach to PR24.

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