RAPID logoRegulators’ Alliance for Progressing Infrastructure Development (RAPID)

Water is a precious resource. Our water resources are coming under increasing pressure from population growth, economic development and climate change. Society also expects that water will be available for users whilst also improving the environment. These factors all contribute to a growing sense of urgency that we need to act now to develop new national supply options to avoid restrictions in the near future.

In response RAPID has been formed to help accelerate the development of new water infrastructure and design future regulatory frameworks. The joint team is made up of the 3 water regulators Ofwat, Environment Agency and Drinking Water Inspectorate. It will provide a seamless regulatory interface, working with the industry to promote the development of national water resources infrastructure that is in the best interests of water users and the environment.

Our milestones and expected timeline for delivery of Accelerate Gate One



Accelerated gate one submission deadline 28 September 2020, 6pm
Queries’ process 29 September – 19 October 2020
Draft recommendations published for representations 1 December 2020
Representations close 31 December 2020
Final decisions published 28 January 2021
Lessons learned and improvements prior to standard gate one By end of March 2021