RAPID Forward Programme


A note from Paul Hickey, Managing Director for RAPID

In this forward programme, RAPID sets out the key activities for the year 2021-22.

The last year has been challenging for everyone due to the global pandemic, including those in the water sector. With the ongoing challenges of population growth, water scarcity and climate change; water resources in England and Wales continue to need development and infrastructure. Over the last year, RAPID has been working alongside stakeholders and partners to develop strategic water supply infrastructure projects, which will help to address some of these ongoing issues.

The first accelerated gate process has now been completed and we are taking the lessons that we learned from the process to adapt how we work. This will help ensure that the gate process works effectively and efficiently for all parties as the work develops. We still face the original challenges but we are starting to make headway towards the development required to secure our water supply for the future of water.

Later this year we plan to publish our annual progress review, which will set out our performance in 2020-21. We intend to review our work each year against our key aims and activities as  set out in the forward programme for that year.RAPID quote

RAPID Forward programme 2021-22

RAPID Forward programme 2021-22 (Cymraeg)