Historic performance

There are 32 regulated companies in the water and sewerage sectors. Of these, 18 are regional monopolies that provide either water services, or both water and sewerage services. We report on the performance of these water companies using the information they publish each year.

Find out more about the information they must publish. Companies will publish their first annual reports under this framework in July 2016.

Past information on company performance

Until 2010-11, each company sent us detailed information about their performance each year. This annual data submission (or ‘June return’) was published to allow customers and stakeholders to understand each company’s performance. Under our risk-based approach to regulation, from 2011-12 onwards we stopped collecting the June return. And between 2011-12 and 2014-15 companies published key information about their performance each year.

Our company monitoring framework and annual performance reporting process applies from 2015-16.

Information published 2011-12 to 2014-15

We expected companies to publish the following information:

  • key performance indicators (as often as they liked but at least once a year) in four areas:
    • customers
    • environmental impact
    • reliability and availability
    • financial
  • a risk and compliance statement (once a year)
  • regulatory accounts and accounting separation information (once a year)

Information collected until 2010-11

The information we used to collect was set out in the June return reporting requirements and definitions manual. We published revised reporting requirements each year.

The information required in the June return was divided into:

  • Board overview
  • key outputs
  • bad debt
  • vulnerable customers
  • non-financial measures
  • sewerage explanatory factors
  • the regulatory accounts
  • financial measures
  • expenditure comparisons by purposes
  • health and safety

Some of the information collected was considered to be commercially confidential. This was excluded from the public version of the return. Some companies also excised other information from their public June returns. Details of company excisions can be found in the individual companies’ confidentiality statements.

We did not collect information from Cholderton and District Water Company, as it is an exceptionally small company.

For the June return 2011 we asked companies to publish their submissions on their own websites. These include their June return tables, Board overviews, and reporter’s reports. Links to these are below.

Elements of companies’ earlier data submissions are available on The National Archives at the links below.

Data from earlier years was not published on our website, but may be available by contacting us.