In this section you can find information for investors in water companies.

Regulated companies

In this section you can find information for and about the water companies we regulate.

Water sector overview

Every day, over 50 million household and non-household consumers in England and Wales receive good quality water, sanitation and drainage services.

Licences and licensees

Our Register holds copies of the original Instruments of Appointment of water undertakers and sewerage undertakers and any amendments made to them.

Company obligations

This section of our website sets out the requirements that the companies we regulate should comply with.

Comparing companies

Water and wastewater services are provided by different types of companies. Find your company and compare them with others


We carry out a range of different investigations and enforcement activity, from large and complex investigations into alleged breaches of competition law to smaller issues...

Price reviews

Most water and sewerage services in England and Wales are not provided in competitive markets. Most people receive their water services from a licensed monopoly...

Improving regulation

Improving the way we regulate the water sector in England and Wales.

Becoming a new supplier

There are a number of options available to become a supplier in the water sector in England and Wales.