Water Industry Act 1991 cases

Ofwat has powers to determine disputes and appeals under certain sections of the Water Industry Act 1991.

  • s40 Determining terms for a bulk supply
  • s40a Variation and termination of bulk supply agreements
  • s42 Financial undertaking required for requisitioned water main
  • s45 Cost of making a connection of supply for domestic purposes
  • s47 Conditions to be fulfilled before a company will make a water connection
  • s49 Requirements for metering in respect of new water connections
  • s51c Financial conditions of compliance for self-laid mains
  • s56 Terms and conditions for non-domestic water supplies (including connections)
  • s64 Requiring a separate service pipe to any premises
  • s94 General duty to provide sewerage system
  • s99 Financial undertaking required for requisitioned sewer or lateral drain
  • s101 Route of and timescale for providing a requisitioned sewer
  • s105 Sewers adoption appeals
  • s106 Right of connection to public sewer
  • s107 Cost of connection to public sewer
  • s122 Trade effluent consent refusal, delay and conditions
  • s126 Variation of trade effluent consent
  • s144a Right of consumer to elect for charging by reference to volume
  • s181 Pipelaying on private land
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