Forward programme

Our forward programme sets out what we will deliver in the next year.

We would like to thank all those that responded to our draft forward programme consultation, which we published in January. Since the consultation, the following substantive changes have been made to the forward programme:

  • inclusion of high-level detail on the new cross-regulatory unit to be set up in partnership with the Environment Agency and the Drinking Water Inspectorate;
  • an addition to the existing Strategy Hub and Communications Hub milestone in quarter 1 outlining how in April 2019 we will publish more details on our strategy and continue engagement with key stakeholders;
  • the removal of the Strategy Hub and Communications Hub milestone in quarter 2 about publishing the new Ofwat strategy;
  • the addition of a Strategy Hub and Communications Hub milestones in quarters 2, 3, and 4 on refining our strategy, and releasing more detailed proposals on priority areas at points across the rest of the year;
  • the addition in quarter 4 of a milestone on publishing final Regulatory Accounting Guidelines for 2019-20;
  • the addition in quarter 4 of a milestone on publishing the Annual Information Notice on Performance Reporting to set out the way in which we expect all companies to report their performance for 2019-20; and
  • the removal of a number of a number of Wales-related milestones in 2019-20. In our consultation on the forward programme, we set out our intention to introduce both new connection charging rules and a code for adoption agreements for companies wholly or mainly in Wales in the next year. Since consulting, the Welsh Government has advised us that it does not want these changes to come into effect before the changes to the governance of the water sector resulting from the Wales Act 2017, which is currently expected to take place in April 2022. We have therefore amended our forward programme to take into account the changes in the planned delivery of these pieces of work.’

Download the 2019-20 forward programme.

We also report on how we plan to reduce regulatory burdens through our work.

Download the Ofwat forward programme 2019-20: Reducing regulatory burdens.