Forward programme

Our forward programme sets out what we will deliver in the next year.

We would like to thank all those who responded to our draft forward programme consultation, which we published in January. Since the consultation, the following substantive changes have been made to the forward programme:

  • More information on our work with CCW and the UKRN;
  • Clarifying our approach to reflecting the outcome of the CMA redetermination process; and
  • More detail of the work we have done and intend to do to improve Ofwat’s own efficiency and effectiveness.

We have not added materially to the detail of the forward programme to reflect the outcome of the CMA price control redetermination process or specific suggestions on the approach to the price review on PR24, both in terms of substance and customer engagement. Both are already encapsulated in the forward work on PR24 and a consultation on the high level framework for PR24 will be published in May 2021. There will be substantial stakeholder engagement following publication and throughout the year as we develop the methodology in collaboration with the sector, both governments and the wider stakeholder community.

In terms of our activities with respect to the business retail market, since publication of the draft forward programme for consultation we have published further details on our proposed approach to addressing issues relating to bad debt and the timetable for reviewing the price protections under the Retail Exit Code, so we have not addressed that further here.

Download the 2021-22 forward programme:

Ofwat’s forward programme 2021-22

Blaenraglen Ofwat 2021-22

We continue to do all we can to achieve our ambitions and to make strides in transforming both the industry and ourselves as a regulator in the face of the Covid-19 pandemic. We will keep our priorities and the timing of the outputs in the forward programme under review as any additional impacts become clearer.