Forward programme

Our forward programme sets out what we will deliver in the next year.  The draft Forward Programme for 2022/23 is now out for consultation.

Our key aim is for the water sector to provide the very best service to customers, improve the environment and improve life through water both now and in the future and this is reflected in our forward programme for the financial year 2022-23 which outlines how we will continue to meet our three strategic goals:

  • To transform water companies’ performance
  • To drive water companies to meet long-term challenges through increased collaboration and partnerships
  • For water companies to provide greater public value, delivering more for customers, society and the environment

with the following themes expected to remain important throughout the rest of this price control period and looking to PR24 and beyond:

  • Environment
  • Customer outcomes
  • Major infrastructure
  • Open data
  • Collaboration with regulatory partners

We will continue to do all we can to achieve our ambitions and to make strides in transforming both the industry and ourselves as a regulator.

Download the 2022-23 draft forward programme:

Ofwat’s forward programme 2022-23 – draft for consultation

Blaenraglen Ofwat 2022-23 – drafft ar gyfer ymgynghoriad