Complaint against Severn Trent Water about the reasonableness of connection costs

Case number


Summary of case

This dispute is about the charges made by Severn Trent Water for making new water supply connections to five new properties, which was referred to us for determination under section 45 of the Water Industry Act 1991.

Date opened

8 August 2018

Relevant powers

Sections 30A of the Water Industry Act 1991

Section 45 of the Water Industry Act 1991




We opened this case after carrying out a preliminary assessment.

We will consider the information provided by the parties and make a draft determination.

Once we have received representations from the parties on the draft determination, we will look at issuing a final determination.

Relevant Ofwat guidance

Ofwat guidance on new connections

Independent review of section 45 administration fee and overhead costs

Comparative Study: Cost of new water supply connections work (Section 45 Water Industry Act 1991)


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