Complaint against Thames Water about work on private land

Case number


Summary of case

This dispute was referred to us for determination under section 181 of the Water Industry Act 1991

The complainants had complained that Thames Water had failed to adequately consult with them, and had acted unreasonable causing inconvenience to them whilst working on their land.

Summary of Ofwat’s final decision

We assessed that Thames Water had failed adequately to consult with the complainants, and had caused the complainants to be subjected to inconvenience. However, Thames Water had recognised this, and had agreed compensation with the complainants.

We assessed that the agreement reached is both appropriate and adequate.  No further award is due to the customer.

Wider lessons for companies and customers

It is expected that water and sewerage undertakers will have systems and processes in place to ensure that its contractors are acting in compliance with its Code of Practice.

Relevant powers

Section 181 of the Water Industry Act 1991

Relevant Ofwat guidance

Pipes on private land

Date opened

29 January 2014

Date closed

6 May 2015

Key documents

Final Determination


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