IB 19/15 Ofwat helping sector improve its developer services performance


Water UK has today published its quarterly report capturing water companies’ performance against the levels of service the sector has agreed for developer services.

Richard Khaldi, Senior Director Customers and Casework, said:

“It is encouraging to see that water companies are realising the importance of their relationships with developers as their customers. The transparency these reports provide about performance is creating a strong reputational incentive for companies to better their service standards for developers.

“We will continue to seek assurances from companies that are underperforming about how they plan to engage with customers to improve their services.

“We see the levels of services as part of a wider dialogue across the sector to improve their developer services, enable growth, and I am encouraged to see good practice being shared among companies.”


Notes to editors

  1. In April 2015 Water UK published a set of service levels for water companies’ developer services. All water companies voluntarily agreed to these levels of service and are monitoring their performance against them.
  2. This followed Ofwat’s and the Government’s challenge to companies to improve customer service in relation to the provision of new connections.
  3. A draft set of the levels of service was first published in the Government’s Better Connected in December 2014. Companies and Water UK subsequently consulted with developer services customers to ensure they reflected the issues that matter most to them. The finalised set included some amendments and additions to reflect these conversations.
  4. A number of the service levels reflect statutory requirements water companies have a duty to comply with. 
  5. Companies’ performance against the levels of service is reported quarterly. Water UK’s October 2015 publication is the second of these monitoring reports.
  6. Water companies provide a range of developer services to enable new connections to the network.
  7. Media enquiries to Ofwat Press Office on:
    Benedict Fisher 0121 644 7642 / [email protected]
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