PN 19/18: Ofwat streamlines process for self-supply applications


Ofwat has announced changes to streamline and simplify the process for those interested in becoming a self-supplier, including reducing the application fee from £5,250 to £3,000 and the timescale for Ofwat to process applications.

Ofwat believes the process could be better tailored to reflect the differences in the information needed to assess self-supply applications. Previously, applicants applying to self-supply had to go through a process very similar to the standard WSSL applications process.

Following consultation, Ofwat is introducing a modified application process for business customers applying for WSSLs limited to self-supply and this is now separate from the standard WSSL application process.

The changes come into effect immediately.


Ofwat Press Office:
Fintan Hastings, Senior Associate – Media Relations
Tel: 0121 644 7642
Email: [email protected]