Code for Adoption Agreements - 2023 27-07-2023

Change Proposal 16 - Sewerage Sector Guidance Appendix C – Design and Construction Guidance: Flow controls and confined spaces regulations

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12th October, 2023




Chris Faulkner Flow Controls (CFFC) submitted this change proposal to the Independent Sewerage Adoption Panel (the Panel) on 30 March 2023, with the Panel publishing the proposal on its website on the same day. The function of the Panel is to consider change proposals to the sewerage sector guidance and model sewerage adoption agreement (the Sewerage Sector Documents) which apply to companies operating wholly or mainly in England. These documents were developed by companies as required by the Code for Adoption Agreements (the Code) and came into effect in April 2020. A change proposal is defined in the Code as a proposed change to the sector guidance or the model adoption agreements.