Market Arrangements Code – Ref CPM050 – Data cleanse funding

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11th May, 2023




We are approving this Change Proposal. CPM050 creates a charging framework to allow progression of the initial phase of the central Data Cleanse project identified in MOSL's 2023-26 Business Plan. Ofwat set out its support for this programme of work, and the proposed approach to the associated funding of this initial phase, in our response to MOSL's Business Plan specifically highlighting the need for a sharper focus on good quality data to underpin the market. Ofwat has consistently highlighted that poor quality customer, consumption and asset data can significantly undermine the customer experience and is one of the three main 'market frictions' that are preventing the market from working effectively and delivering better outcomes for customers. We therefore consider that this proposal is an important enabler for this programme of work and will benefit customers and the market through the improved quality and accuracy of Wholesaler owned data items.