Mendip Quarries gate two final decision

Strategic regional water resource solutions: gate two final decision for Mendip Quarries

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22nd February, 2024




The purpose of this publication is to set out our final decision about whether the Mendip Quarries solution should continue to receive development funding. The solution owners Wessex Water and South West Water submitted their standard gate two reports on 11 July 2023 for assessment. Further information concerning the background and context of the Wessex Water and South West Water Mendip Quarries solution can be found in the Mendip Quarries publication document on the Wessex Water website1. This publication should be read in conjunction with the final decision letter issued to each solution owner. Both this document and the final decision letters have been published on our website today. The assessment process is overseen by RAPID, with input from the partner regulators Ofwat, the Environment Agency and the Drinking Water Inspectorate. The Environment Agency, together with Natural England, have reviewed the environmental sections of the submissions, and provided feedback to RAPID. The Consumer Council for Water (CCW) provided input to the assessment on customer engagement. The solution owners and other interested parties had the opportunity to respond to the draft decision during the representation period, which followed the publication of the decisions on 11 December 2023. We have taken all relevant representations into account in making our final decision. We would like to thank Wessex Water and South West Water for the level of engagement, collaboration and innovation that they have exhibited during this stage in the gated process.