The National System Simulation Modelling (NSSM) - Project Phase 1 Report - December 2021

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14th December, 2021






This report, commissioned by the Regulator's Alliance for Progressing Infrastructure Development (RAPID) – a partnership of Ofwat, the Environment Agency and Drinking Water Inspectorate - and produced by a team comprising Oxford University, Ricardo, the University of Bristol, the Environment Agency and DHCR, details the output of the first phase of a project to develop a National Supply Simulation Model (NSSM) that incorporates solutions within the RAPID programme. Solutions within the RAPID programme comprise large regional, and inter-regional supply options that have the potential to address the medium to long term water resource challenges. The solutions are those identified during the 2019 price review (PR19) to be allocated funding to progress through a gated process, overseen by RAPID, to achieve construction readiness in the 2025-30 period. The model gives a national scale platform to test the solutions to explore the implications of inter-regional drought coherence on large-scale transfers.