Bazalgette Tunnel Limited designated as infrastructure provider for the Thames Tideway Tunnel project

On 14 July 2015 Thames Water announced Bazalgette Tunnel Limited as the preferred bidder to be appointed as an infrastructure provider (IP) to deliver the Thames Tideway Tunnel Project (the Project).

Under the SIP Regulations, either Ofwat or the Secretary of State may by notice designate as an IP a company which is wholly or partly responsible for a specified infrastructure project that was put out to tender in accordance with the SIP Regulations. We have published the reasons for our decision to designate Bazalgette Tunnel Limited as the IP for the Project.

The purpose of designation is to bring the IP within the scope of the Water Industry Act 1991 (as applied to infrastructure providers by the SIP Regulations). This enables Ofwat to issue a project licence to the IP.

In May 2015, we amended the specification guidance published by us in July 2014 to include guidance that we will have regard to in making a decision whether or not to designate a company as an IP. In deciding to designate Bazalgette Tunnel Limited as the IP responsible for the Project we have followed this amended guidance.