Ofwat's engagement on WRMP19

Ofwat is a statutory consultee for WRMP19 and contributed to the Water Resources Planning Guidelines issued by the Environment Agency and Natural Resources Wales that companies follow in preparing their plans. Defra and the Welsh Government have also provided guiding principles for companies to follow when developing their WRMPs.

In December 2016 we sent a letter which outlined our approach to WRMP19 pre-consultation. We subsequently held at least one meeting, with every large water company in England and Wales, structured around our published briefing pack. These meetings enabled us to provide early feedback and challenge, and also discuss and identify areas which may require more justification in WRMPs.

Companies produced draft plans for public consultation which was held in Spring 2018 and our responses are provided below. Based on the responses received, water companies will revise their plans and submit them to the relevant Government for final approval. The final plans are due to be published from January 2019 onwards.

Ofwat’s views on companies’ draft WRMP19 plans

As a statutory consultee we have made representations to the Secretary of State for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs or Welsh ministers on companies’ draft plans. Our individual representations for each company are linked to below. We have also produced an information note providing an overview of the individual representations produced for each company, identifying common themes and areas of challenge.

The views expressed in the letters are without prejudice to any subsequent decisions that we may make at the next price review (PR19) in connection with the business plan that the company is scheduled to provide to us in September.