Priority Services Register guidance


Ofwat has a duty to take into account the interests of individuals who are disabled, chronically sick or of pensionable age. We recognise that because of age, disability (which includes those who are blind or partially sighted, deaf or hard of hearing) or illness (which includes those with learning difficulties or mental health problems), some consumers may require specific help in the way their company delivers water and sewerage services to them. This is to make sure that they are not disadvantaged when compared with other consumers.

‘Services for disabled, chronically sick or elderly consumers – guidance to companies’, which was last revised in November 2013, contains our guidance to each water company on the essential elements of the policy and procedures we believe are required to meet the needs of these consumers, while allowing companies to continue to be innovative in developing additional policies. The guidance includes requirements around maintaining a register for customers requiring extra help (called the ‘priority services register’)

As well as this guidance, each company must comply with the provisions and requirements of the Equality Act 2010. These guidelines will help companies to fulfil their obligations under the Act. However, they do not aim to advise water companies on how to meet all the necessary requirements.