Water Supply Licence and/or Sewerage Licence application form

Applicants are required to complete this form when making an application for a water supply licence or a sewerage licence (as each of those terms is defined in the Water Industry Act 1991 (as amended)). Water supply licences and sewerage licences are referred to collectively as “WSSLs” in this form and “WSSL” means either a water supply licence or a sewerage licence as the context requires.

This form reflects the requirements of Ofwat’s notice under s17F Water Industry Act 1991 (as amended). Applicants will need to submit attachments for some of the questions on this form and may also attach additional pages should more space for a response to any of the questions be needed. Any such additional pages should be numbered and the form should be marked indicating that they have been attached.

This form should be read in conjunction with guidance issued by Ofwat  for this purpose (referred to in this form as the Guidance). The Guidance outlines, the information that we expect to be provided in response to the questions in this form. Applicants should ensure that they submit the information requested here along with fees payable to Ofwat. Where options are given please tick the relevant box. A checklist of required enclosures is set out in Section 4.

Please note that if the information and/or documentation provided are incomplete, the application will be returned to you with a request to provide the missing information. Further information may be requested by Ofwat at any time during the application process to enable a fair and thorough evaluation of the application to be carried out.

Please send your application to Ofwat using the contact details below.

Regulator Geography Email Address
Ofwat England and Wales [email protected] Case Management Office
Ofwat, 7 Hill Street,
Birmingham B5 4UA

In completing their application, applicants should highlight (explaining their reasons) any information which they would not wish to be published or disclosed by Ofwat in due course. In particular applicants should set out clearly whether, and for what length of time, they consider the information submitted to be subject to any exemptions under the Freedom of Information Act 2000. Ofwat may have regard to such submissions when considering future publication or disclosure.

Please note that any applicant who knowingly or recklessly makes a statement in connection with an application for a licence that is false or misleading in a material particular is guilty of an offence in England & Wales.