Initial assessment of business plans – updated models and data tables


We use data models to calculate water companies’ price controls – and certain information we need to set those controls.

Alongside our initial assessment of business plans, we have issued a new business plan table template and a new financial model on 31 January 2019.

Companies categorised as slow track or significant scrutiny should complete these tables and use this new financial model for their submission of revised plans by 10am on 1 April 2019.

These tables have only minor changes from that used in September 2018, including:

  • We have split grants and contributions into operating costs and capital costs, to reflect the way some companies treated these lines in their business plans. This affects tables App17, Wr3, Wn3, WWn5, Bio4, Dmmy7, WS1, WWS1, WS1a, WWS1a, and Dmmy1.
  • We have changed App29 to reflect the changes in capital allowances for tax made in the UK Budget in November 2018.
  • We have changed the outcomes tables App1 to App3 to reflect some of the actions for companies that we set out in the IAP assessment, including further information about the P10 and P90 performance levels. We have also changed some of the definitions in App4 to improve consistency.

In addition to this, we have made some very minor tweaks to App7, App10, App13, App14, App16 and App19.

The following are spreadsheets (xlsx, xlsb, xlsm). If you have difficulties opening them directly, try choosing ‘save as’ and saving them to a suitable file location

Updated data tables

Business plan data tables, updated January 2019

Updated models

Financial model

Financial model and rulebook, updated 18 July 2019

Business plan table – Financial model mapping tool, updated March 2019

Feeder models

Revenue adjustments feeder model, updated January 2019

Balance sheet feeder model, updated January 2019

Other models

Bill Waterfall model, updated January 2019

Company-Specific Adjustment CBA model, updated February 2019