Calculating water resale

The ‘Water resale order‘ outlines our rules which determine how much you should pay for your water. The rules depend on whether water meters are installed. Your reseller should tell you how they have worked out your bill.

If you pay for your water as part of your rent or pitch fee, your re-seller should show you how much your water charges are so that you know how much you are paying.

If no purchasers are metered

The water reseller must charge for water in one of the following six ways:

  1. split equally between the purchasers, or in proportion to:
  2. the number of people in each property
  3. the rateable value of each property
  4. the total floor space of each property
  5. the number of bedrooms in each property
  6. half the bill according to method 1 (split equally between purchasers) and the other half of the bill according to any one of methods 2-5

If your reseller shares the water supply ,they must pay their share of the total bill in line with the rules set out above.

The reseller can charge you only for the period you have lived in that property.

If your reseller charges you more than the average bill in your region, they must show that they worked out your bill using one of these methods.

If all purchasers are metered

If all the purchasers are metered, your reseller must:

  • charge each purchaser the same amount for each cubic metre as they pay the water company, and
  • share the cost of the standing charge they pay the company equally between all purchasers.

If some purchasers are metered and some are unmetered

If some purchasers are metered, the reseller must work out the charges for metered purchasers first and subtract these from the total bill. They must then work out the charges for the unmetered purchasers using one of the six rules above.

Administration charge

Anyone selling water or sewerage services is entitled to make a charge for reasonable administration costs and maintaining meters. Resellers can charge purchasers without a meter about £5 a year and purchasers with a meter £10 a year.

The administration charge applies to each purchaser, not each occupant.