Complaints and disputes we cannot deal with

As our powers are set out in legislation, there are, inevitably, a number of areas in which we do not have a role. Some of the things we do not deal with are:

  • Non-regulated activities of water companies including:
  • Issues which can only be dealt with through the courts. These include disputes concerning private water supplies; contractual claims; and damages claims arising out of, for example, negligence.
  • Billing disputes – typically dealt with by the Consumer Council for Water.
  • Water quality and pollution – typically dealt with by the Drinking Water Inspectorate and the Environment Agency.
  • Planning enquiries – we have no role in the statutory planning process. Issues regarding the planning process most commonly occur with new connections and the timing of future developments. Whilst we do not have a role, it is our expectation that monopoly companies have on-going and timely conversations with planning authorities and their new connection customers to understand the timing, location and impact of any future developments. For more information please see here.
  • The Government introduced provisions to transfer the ownership of most private sewers and lateral drains to regulated sewerage companies in England and Wales. The appeals process has now closed and we are no longer able to accept any further appeals relating to the transfer of private sewers, lateral drains or pumping stations. For more information see here.