Source for Business Limited: Notice of application for a water supply licence under section 17A of the Water Industry Act 1991

Source for Business Limited whose registered office is at Peninsula House, Rydon Lane, Exeter EX2 7HR

Gives notice that it has made an application to the Office of Water Services (“Ofwat”) for a retail licence under section 17A of the Water Industry Act 1991.

Any person who wishes to make representations or objections with respect to the application should do so in writing (which includes by e-mail) to Ofwat at:

Markets Business Support
Centre City Tower
7 Hill Street
B5 4UA
[email protected]

These must be received at Ofwat no later than 17.00 hours on the twentieth working day after the day of publication of this notice.

Further information about how to make representations or objections, including information on the treatment of confidential information, can be obtained from Ofwat at the above address or from their website at

Monica Read
Managing Director
For and on behalf of Source for Business Ltd
2 December 2013