Joint regulators group

Joint Regulators Group (JRG), which brings together the Heads of the various regulators, usually the Chair or Chief Executive, meets four times a year to discuss issues of mutual concern and to report on recent developments in their own particular sector.

The current members of JRG are:

OFT attends the regular meetings in recognition of the importance of the interplay between sectoral regulation and general competition policy and because many of the regulators have concurrent powers under the Competition Act 1998.

The secretariat of the JRG is provided by one office for a twelve-month period. The current chair for 2013 is Sarah Harrison, Senior Partner, Sustainable Development, at Ofgem (, supported by Philip Cullum, Consumer Partner at Ofgem (  The secretariat is  provided by Mark Wagstaff, Better Regulation team, Ofgem (

Reports and minutes

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