Priority Services

There may be factors in your life which mean that you need extra help from your water companies in the way that you receive your water and sewerage services.

  • Priority Services register. We have provided guidance to companies stating that special assistance should be provided to any customer regardless of their age, health, disability or their lack of disability.
  • Bills and other literature in accessible formats. You can ask for large print, disc or braille communications, and have your bill read out to you over the phone before they send it.
  • More warning of supply interruptions. Sometimes water companies need to turn off the water supply to do work in your area. Tell them now if you have special medical needs – for example, kidney dialysis at home – and they will give you early warning of their plans.
  • Create a password. You can set a password that any water company employee will use if they knock on your door.
  • Moving your meter. If you have a meter and it’s difficult to reach and read, your water company may agree to move it for you. Alternatively, your company may offer help with meter reading so that you can monitor your water consumption.

If you think that you would benefit from these kinds of services, you can contact your water company for more information.

We have set out guidance to the water companies on the services they should offer to customers who need extra help. The guidance make sure that you are not put at a disadvantage because of your age, disability or illness in comparison with other customers.