Vacant properties

Domestic vacant properties

Household properties may become vacant for a period of time for a number of reasons. While these properties are vacant, they may still require water and wastewater services, for example for use during building or renovation. Your water company will also be required to maintain the infrastructure needed to supply the property once it is no longer vacant. Your water company may therefore charge the owner of the property for those services even though the property is vacant.

We have set charging rules that govern how water companies set their charges to ensure that they are fair and transparent. We also regulate the amount of revenue each company is allowed to recover from its customers to ensure that they cannot systemically overcharge their customers.

Your water company’s charges for vacant properties

You can find out how your water company sets its charges for vacant properties by looking the charges scheme which it publishes on its website.

If you have a problem with the charges from your water company for a vacant property, you will need to contact your water company.

If you are not satisfied with the way that your water company has dealt with the problem, they should refer you to the Consumer Council for Water (CCW), or you can refer the complaint to CCW yourself.

CCW is the statutory body that represents the interests of water customers. Their expert team offers free, independent advice to customers who have been unable to resolve a complaint with their water company. As the voice for customers, they can support you with your claim and give you the information you need to move it forward.


If you expect a property that you own to be vacant for an extended period of time and it will not need a supply of water, you may want to consider asking your water company to disconnect it from the public water supply. Your water company is able to charge you for disconnecting and reconnecting the property. However, once it has been disconnected, you will not be liable for any water charges. Your water company will include any charges for disconnecting and reconnecting a property in its household charges scheme which it will publish on its website.