Regulatory Accounts Working Group

At its regulatory accounts workshop on 1 February 2012, Ofwat invited companies to join a regulatory accounts working group. The first meeting of this group was held on 22 March 2012.

The purpose of this working group is to:

  • develop thinking on how to account for and report on emerging policy areas
  • provide further input into any proposed changes for future regulatory accounts

Find out more in the terms of reference.

Meeting date Topics
8 February 2018

Meeting notes

Workshop slides
28 February 2017

Meeting notes

Workshop slides
18 November 2016

Meeting notes

Workshop slides

  • Recent developments
    – RAGs consultation to IN 16/09
    – Water2020
  • Review of 2015-16 RAGs and general practical questions on compiling the financial tables in the APR
  • RAG5 disclosures and transfer pricing
    – Review of 2015-16
    – Increased significance, especially with focus on tankered waste (sewage and sludge)
    – Potential for increased disclosures for non-appointed activities
  • Cost assessment
    – General developments and timelines
    – more granular cost information for new price control units
  • Cost of new connections
  • Looking forward; 2017-18 and beyond
    – Non-household retail
    – IFRS developments
18 March 2016

Meeting notes

23 March 2016

Meeting notes

  • Targeted review of sludge and water resources – background and scope
  • Water resources: CEPA findings; Key changes to RAGs
  • Sludge: CEPA findings; Key changes to RAGs
  • Recharges between price control units: CEPA findings; Key changes to RAGs
  • Other RAG changes: Transfer pricing disclosures; Arms length trading; Other changes
  • Future RAG changes – Water 2020: Sludge; Water resources
  • Future RAG changes – Water 2020: Other future reporting; Cost assessment