2016 non-household retail price review

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In our 2014 price review, we set separate price controls for 2015-20 on each of the following activities.

  • Wholesale water.
  • Wholesale wastewater.
  • Household retail.
  • Non-household retail.

The Water Act 2014 will allow 1.2 million businesses and other non-household customers of providers wholly or mainly in England to choose their supplier of water and wastewater retail services. Retail services include:

  • billing
  • meter reading
  • other customer services

The form of the non-household retail price controls  was designed to protect customers for the two years ahead of market opening and to  provide backstop protection and a comparison point for customers once the market  is open.

We reviewed the non-household retail price controls ahead of market opening in April 2017 and have published our PR16 final determinations.