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About Ofwat’s Graduate Development Programme

As the economic regulator of water and wastewater in England and Wales, our role is to enable, incentivise and hold water companies to account for providing the very best for customers, society and the environment now and in the future. Our Graduates are part of that future! Our jam-packed 2-year programme provides the opportunity to develop your skills whilst working together to deliver our ambitious strategy and improve life through water.

For our 2024 intake we are taking graduate applications across a range of disciplines: Economics, Policy, Legal, Casework, Data and Enforcement,

We spoke to some of our current graduates to hear what it’s like being part of the programme:

Gagan – 2023 policy graduate
“I recommend Ofwat as an employer because you truly feel as though you are part of something positive and meaningful. Knowing that you are pushing for positive change for the benefit of society, customers and the environment is a privilege as an Ofwat employee. I recommend the graduate scheme because you genuinely feel valued at Ofwat as a graduate. Everyone does their utmost to help your learning and development.”

Jennifer – 2023 data graduate
“At Ofwat your development is really prioritised with internal and external learning, and you have a lot of input into where you want to develop your skills, which to me was really important. The people are genuinely nice, easy to work with, and want to help you whenever possible. Flexible working is also nice – I am an early bird and like to work 8-4, and Ofwat accommodates that.”

Meher – 2022 graduate economist
“I’ve rotated through the Chief Economist Team, where I had the opportunity to work on impact assessments for the PR24 final methodology, and the Cost Assessment team, where I learned modelling and coding in Excel and Stata to run regressions on companies’ costs to try and find the most efficient cost allowances for each company in various different areas.

You get to learn a variety of different skills such as drafting, modelling, working on policies from the first stage through to publishing them, data analysis, regression models, and other fun stuff. Your work will be part of a big project where your views and strategies are heard and implemented, which means you really get to make a difference.

Ofwat has a genuinely friendly and helpful work environment. Everyone has the space and comfort to chat with senior directors, leaders and board members. Senior leadership show interest in what you have to say, even as a graduate associate.”

How to Apply

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