How we work

We work in ‘directorates’ and people from different directorates collaborate in project teams, so that each of our projects has the right resources and set of skills. The diagram below shows how this works on a day-to-day basis.

People manager's role supports employee with performance, development and time on projects. Employees can have multiple project managers for different projects they work on. Colleagues often seek advice or expertise from each other

We use this structure for the following reasons.

  • We’ve got a number of projects, but don’t necessarily need to assign people full-time to each one. Instead, we can assign them part-time to several projects
  • We’re aware of the need to deliver on things like quality and cost, which can be overseen by more than one manager
  • Our people work across two locations (Birmingham and London) and now also remotely. So, our structure gives us consistent management for each project
  • We work in a rapidly changing environment, and need to respond quickly to change. Our structure means that we can share and act on information quickly
  • It offers our people the opportunity to develop their skills and gain insight into wider areas of work